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Project management has become a profession of increasing importance for industrial groups. The sector faces a growing need for competent professionals and has difficulty recruiting a sufficient number of talented people. The Executive Advanced Master Leading International Industrial Projects (LIIP) was created in order to develop a center of excellence in the Management of Industrial Projects. Supported by leading founding industrial partners, including MI-GSO (Alten Group) and Alstom, its purpose is to prepare talented professionals for a career in international and industrial Project Management.

The MS LIIP Program is a dual degree program between ESSEC Business School and École Polytechnique (X).

Testimonial, Alumni

“Trainees learn project manager behavioral competencies in a structured way as an essential addition to technical skills: a good way to start a career in Project Management.”

Bruno Sol-Rolland, Vice President of the Project Management Department at Alstom Transport

Application fee: €200 (incl. VAT)
Program Fees: 22,000 (excl. VAT) - Study trip fees are not included: contact us.
Diploma: Engineering professionals with a Master’s degree and a minimum of three years of professional experience
Admission: Application form; Management aptitude test (TAGE/MAGE or GMAT); English competency test (TOEFL or TOEIC);  Individual interview and assessment center
Next session: October 3, 2016

Duration:12 months
Date:October 3rd, 2016
Language:English, English, French
Location:ESSEC (Paris-La Défense) / Polytechnique
Format:Part time
Average age:30
Average professional experience:6

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Jordan De Oliveira

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