Advanced Certificate - Hospitality Online Distribution

With the proportion of bookings flowing through electronic distribution channels growing rapidly for most hotels, having a comprehensive knowledge of how to maximize both sale and profits through such routes has become essential for the hotel manager of today. An entirely new skill set, including distribution strategy, pricing understanding search and other forms of electronic marketing, merchandising, loyalty, and online reputation management has developed over the past decade. And getting a grip on such issues is challenging as each is rapidly evolving in response to technological and societal changes. 

For this reason ESSEC Business School has created its Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Online Distribution. This is composed of four interlinked courses which comprehensively address how to market and sell your hotel online and provide you with the skills and competencies to compete in today’s electronic marketplace. 

Fees: €7,200 (excl. VAT)

Duration:9 days
Date:March 14, 2016
Location:CNIT Paris La Défense
Format:Part time


  • ESSEC Hospitality Executive Education - Participant Testimonials

    ESSEC Hospitality Executive Education - Participant Testimonials

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