Hospitality Luxury Marketing Strategy

This course will focus on several key-marketing strategies such as luxury brand architecture and luxury positioning,
differentiating VIP’s from VIC’s, revisiting loyalty programs, adapting luxury service delivery, finding the right mix of art and science, customization and standardization.

This course will also focus on place & destination branding and marketing which is becoming a crucial necessity since globalization, digital and travel democratization have transformed the world into a village and have created unprecedented competition between continents, countries, regions, cities, places, hotels and resorts brands down the line, all competing to try and attract their share of the world’s luxury travellers market.

Price : 2,300 (ecluding taxe)

Duration: 2 days and a half
Date: March 17, 2015
Language: English
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Part time
  • Topics covered

    • Luxury brand architecture best practices.
    • Trends in luxury hotels brand architecture.
    • Relevant luxury hotel positioning for the relevant targeted audience.
    • VIP’s and VIC’s, influencers and KOL’s.
    • Revisiting loyalty programs through the luxury marketing prism – reward and recognition mix, experiential and personalization trends.
    • How to remain relevant to different groups of elite travellers – leverage on collaborations.
    • Cultural foundations of luxury service – luxury service as an art or a science?
    • Luxury destination branding and marketing best practices.

  • Key Benefits

    Help luxury hospitality players understand the current trends in terms of luxury hotel brand architecture, luxury
    hotel positioning to be attractive and relevant to the right consumer groups. Help luxury hospitality players engage more strongly and emotionally with their targeted guests by revisiting some cultural foundations of luxury service, decoding the evolution of loyalty programs towards more experience and personalization but also maintaining the right balance between reward and recognition to be relevant to the elite travellers.

    This course will give actors of the tourism, travel and hospitality industry a useful framework to better understand
    how to properly brand, market and promote their destinations, leveraging on alliances and collaborations if relevant, working with DMO’s to create the right content and marketing efforts, including digital destination content, and how to convey this destination branding message to the right audience by selecting the right digital ch...

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