Hotel Valuation and Feasibilities Studies

For owners or developers, the value of a hotel property is important. The price at which one could sell a property, or what level of investment should be committed to developing a new hotel, are key questions. Answering them requires an understanding of what drives the market value of a hotel. However hotels are unique in that their value mostly depends on their ability to generate cash flows from operations on a daily basis. This creates complexity and uncertainty when attempting to forecast future sales, expenses and cash flows.

This course examines the techniques and concepts used to estimate future lodging demand and supply, and related operating expenses. It also addresses the study of the environment, especially of its cyclical behavior, and of how it relates to supply and demand. Forecasting operating cash flows, capital budgeting and selected valuation techniques are presented and applied to sample hotels. Methods for investment analysis and their application to feasibility studies are also applied.

Price : €2,300 (excl. tax)

Duration: 2 days and a half
Date: March 21, 2016
Language: English
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Part time


  • ESSEC Hospitality Executive Education - Participants Testimonials - Finance & Real Estate

    ESSEC Hospitality Executive Education - Participants Testimonials - Finance & Real Estate

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