Advanced Certificate - Luxury in Hospitality Management

The concept of luxury brand management has become increasingly inspirational across industry sectors: luxury product brands and luxury service brands are more and more competing to attract and be relevant to the new luxury consumers. But the drivers of luxury consumption keep changing, as the luxury consumer is increasingly diverse, empowered and connected. This certificate will help participants master the evolving meaning of luxury and how luxury hospitality brands and actors can be successful at creating and selling long lasting dreams, innovate on tradition to remain relevant to evolving consumer cultures. Successful cases of luxury branding and marketing strategies will be presented while a strong focus will also be put on digital marketing, and creation or relevant curated luxury content. Lastly, the various and evolving facets of what can constitute a luxury guest experience will be revisited and enriched by case studies and best recent practices.

ESSEC Business School unique combined expertise in both luxury brand management and hospitality and tourism management is the pillar that permitted the creation of this totally new and innovative certificate that brings together all facets of luxury marketing for the hospitality industry.

Price : 10 days at 8K€ (excluding tax)

Duration: 10 days
Date: March 14, 2016
Language: English
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Part time


  • Luxury Hospitality Management Round Table - 2015 IMHI Forum

    Luxury Hospitality Management Round Table - 2015 IMHI Forum
  • Course Focus

    With the explosive success of the luxury industry, the concept of luxury brand management has become increasingly relevant for many different industry sectors. This course will provide participants an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of luxury brand management, best practices and success factors of traditional luxury brands, and take-aways that can be applied in the hotel industry. This course consists of an in-depth analysis of the concept of luxury and the foundations of luxury brand management. Following this, the course will focus on the luxury hospitality sector and will give participants a mix of tools and guidelines to strengthen their brand management and marketing strategies. It will also help them operationally enhance the dream factor and the desirability of their activity to connect on a more emotional level with their clientele.

  • Topics Covered

    • The fundamentals of luxury brands - enhancing and re-enforcing the luxury brand uniqueness through DNA and codes.
    • Best practices in the luxury industry and their applicability to the hospitality sector.
    • Managing and enhancing the dream factor through storytelling.
    • Managing and enhancing the dream factor through links with art and culture.
    • The role of hotel staff in enhancing the dream factor.
    • Putting it all together: Applying luxury brand building strategies to the hospitality sector - strategically and operationally.

    Key benefits

    Participants will learn about branding practices in the luxury industry. This includes how to enhance and reinforce luxury brand uniqueness and differentiation from competition with the concept of DNA & codes. This concept of DNA & codes constitutes the fundamentals of successful luxury brand building and brand management and has strong applicability to the hospitality and luxury hospitality sectors.

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