Management Contracts, Franchising and Ownership

In today’s hospitality industry, executives agree that the strategic alternatives for growth are Management Contracts, Franchising or Ownership. Every industry executive should have an in-depth knowledge of these options, their positive and negative implications, and the different factors that should be considered when deciding which is best for your hospitality business.

The course is designed to give participants an understanding of these three strategic alternatives as a growth strategy; examining the advantages and disadvantages of each from the point of view of both the brand and the owner. It will analyze the decision to franchise a hospitality brand, explore the “franchisability” of a brand, and discuss what to consider when becoming a franchisee. It will also examine the main characteristics of management contracts in
hospitality, highlighting the management contract provisions that you want to protect and those that you may want to concede in a negotiation process. Lastly it will explore owner and operator bargaining power, and the main trends in management contracts in Europe, USA and Asia.

Price : 2,300  (excluding tax)

Duration: 2 days and a half
Date: March 17, 2016
Language: English
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Part time
Average professional experience: 10 years and more
  • Topics include

    • Understanding Management Contracts and Franchise Contracts.
    • Hospitality sector specificities.
    • Industry Trends in management contracts and franchise contracts.
    • Negotiating contracts.
    • Owner and operator bargaining power.
    • Fees and royalties.
    • Criteria for defining the best strategic scenario for your business.

  • Key Question Include

    Using a combination of lectures, exercises, case studies of leading companies using the three different strategic approaches, participants will gain a handson understanding of the different alternatives available
    for use in hospitality.

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