Negotiate business deals in China

Given China’s unprecedented economic growth, negotiating business deals in China will become one of the most important battlefields for businessmen around the world. China has been the 2nd largest economy in the world and is estimated to surpass the USA in the following decades. China is the largest exporting country in the world and will become one of the biggest consumer markets in the near future, boosted by its growing middle classes. However because of communication gaps between low context/high context cultures, the uniqueness of Chinese organizational politics (Guan-Xi, Mian-Zi, intermediary, etc.) and highly developed stratagem in Chinese negotiating behaviours, the negotiation of business deals in China poses great challenges to Western business leaders. In order to promote successful commercial negotiations in China, IRENE has joined forces with Ta-Wei Chao, a business and negotiation expert on China, to combine negotiation theory, academic research results and the training methodology validated by IRENE and create this 2-day intensive executive workshop.

Price : €1,800 (, €2,160 (

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Full Time

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