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Much more than degree programs

You are in charge of talent management for your company...

At ESSEC Executive Education, we believe that the human capital of your organization is the key to success. For this reason, we offer you a wide range of programs to enable department managers to develop their expertise, establish their leadership and acquire new skills useful to carry out all organizational and strategic decisions.

Offering much more than degree programs, ESSEC Executive Education asks you to entrust us with your talent, who will - through a truly educational adventure - transform the managerial and technical issues with which they are regularly confronted into tangible factors of strategic development.

Whether they are executives, senior managers or managers, ESSEC Executive Education will provide them with a unique and innovative training, in line with market expectations utimately adding value to your organization.

Participative Experiential Learning

Our programs are built on the principle of "Participative Experiential Learning". This principle is structured around three phases:

  • Interact: give participants the opportunity to share their own professional experiences with other participants.

  • Step back: permettre aux participants de prendre du recul avec leurs expériences pour ainsi mieux mettre en perspective les concepts appréhendés, prendre connaissance des modèles d’analyse et comprendre l’essence des problématiques rencontrées.

  • Impact: aider les participants à concrétiser et transformer les deux premières étapes de ce "PEL" en plan d'actions pour l'organisation au sein de laquelle ils évoluent.

High-value, high-impact co-operation

A joint diagnosis

Our experts will tackle a wide variety of areas with professionalism and originality, ranging from Strategic Change Management to Internal Social Networks, Leadership and Management fundamentals, Reinforcing Customer Relations, to name but a few. Each company has its own culture, objectives, context and needs which will have a correspondingly different impact on its Managers and Executives. Therefore, we propose that we work together to establish a joint diagnosis of the best learning solutions for your Managers and Executives to help them have an influential impact on the global performance of your company.

Blended learning to increase efficient implementation

Innovative and tailored pedagogical methods

Our programs are designed for active managers and executives, which is why we propose interactive learning techniques which we firmly believe are essential in improving management performance and efficiency:

  • developing cross-disciplinary/innovative vision to "change perspective";

  • trips, benchmarks, "Learning experiences";

  • project management and in-situ work on real-life company issues;

  • e-learning, e-projects, e-conferences, webinars;

  • focus and support groups for Executives and Managers;

  • business simulations.

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