Executive Advanced Master Strategy & Management of Health Industry (SMIS)

More than ever, fast evolution of health systems, ways of life, innovations (i.e. interconnected objects) and economic challenges, individuals are more forced than ever to adapt their skills in order to manage change. On an individual level, these challenges necessitate more than just technical skills: they call on an ability to understand and analyze, on creativity, and on an entrepreneurial mindset focused on initiative and action. All these talents can be acquired in an institution such as ESSEC, which has been highly specialized in the health sector for more than 30 years. Participants’ vocations and the international perspective of the program make it key for participants to not only acquire knowledge but also to learn how change can be brought to today’s governance.

Testimonial, Alumni

“The SMHI Executive Master helped me to reach the cutting edge in my field of expertise. It allowed me to structure and implement an original business plan. It was an intense and stimulating learning experience!”

François RICHOU
Project Manager, French National Agency for Hospital Performance 

Application fee :200 
Price : €24,000 (excl. VAT)
Diploma : Level I degree (3rd cycle: Master)
Admission : Bac+4 or equivalent level and at least 3 years of professional experience.
Selection : Examination of candidate application. Selection: test of aptitude for management studies (TAGE MAGE or GMAT), English language test (TOEIC or TOEFL), interview before a jury

Duration: 10 months
Date: October 2016
Language: French
Location: CNIT Paris La Défense
Format: Part time
Average age: 35 years old
Average professional experience: 6 years


  • Remise de diplômes Mastère Spécialisé ® - 2015

    Remise de diplômes Mastère Spécialisé ® - 2015

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